The 2013 High Level Dialogue, Dakar Senegal

The 2013 High Level Dialogue, Dakar Senegal

In line with a key resolution of the inaugural High Level Dialogue to convene the consultation annually, and the offer by the Senegalese Government to co-host the Annual Dialogues, the AGA Platform Secretariat – the Department of Political Affairs, African Union Commission – in consultation with the Platform Members identified the issue of strengthening constitutional order and the rule of law as an appropriate and timely theme for the 2013 High Level Trends consultation. The 2013 Dialogue hosted by the Government of Senegal will be held in Dakar Senegal on 28-30 November 2013, and coincides with the year long 50th anniversary celebrations of the Organisation of African Unity.

The OAU/AU Golden Jubilee celebrations whose theme is Pan Africanism and African Renaissance are an opportune moment for Africans on the continent and the diaspora to reflect upon the state of the continent for the past 50 years, take stock of their achievements and progress and forecast a better future. It is therefore appropriate and ideal to examine one of the most fundamental issues facing the continent today – constitutional order and rule of law – by scoping and reviewing the challenges in that regard over the last half century and discussing and proffering innovative solutions on how best to strengthen good governance and democracy in Africa as the AU crafts an Africa 2063 agenda.


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